Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Maybe Cheney & Co. Shouldn't Have Complained So Loudly

Pres. Barack Obama initially said he didn't support legal action against those who perpetrated the abuses at Guantanamo. Time to say what happened, and move on.

Then former Veep Dick Cheney, who seemed to think he still has some leverage, blasted Obama's actions, and now the administration is saying, well, maybe we need to hold accountable those who set the whole torture process in motion.

Maybe Cheney and his cronies should have keep their mouths shut?


Anonymous said...

i'd also like to see a fuller inquiry into what, if any, role cheney had in the valerie plame matter.

patrick said...

Hey, lets begin the hearings starting with Pelosi, who along with other hypicrites on the left was briefed in detail about these methods years ago and had no problem with them. I'd also like an inquire as to Fred Armitage's role in the Valerie Plaims matter since he was the guy who outed her.