Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Banner Year So Far For Gun Nation

From Bigghampton to Oakland to Pittsburgh, high-powered pistols and assault rifles have taken their tolls.

Evidence is also mounting that similar weapons are making their way into Mexico, where drug dealers use them to murder each other, police, soldiers and anyone caught in the crossfire.

The right to bear arms is one thing: firing them at people is another, and as we are learning, regrettably, things are out of balance in favor of the shooters.


Anonymous said...

And the shooters have something in common... they are breaking the law.

What good will the law do with them?

James Rowen said...

My point was that it's too easy to procure assault weapons and other powerful weapons in this country.

When people snap, or have mental problems that make them dangerous, weak laws governing gun sales puts society at risk.

Elsewhere, these events are rare. Here, they are way too common.