Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Thinking about Air Tran? Think About Sitting At The World's Busiest Airport For Your Connecting Flight

As the inexorable takeover of Midwest Airlines by Air Tran looms, with Air Tran's major hub being Atlanta, not Milwaukee, it's worth considering how many Milwaukee passengers will find themselves in this kind of transfer hell common at major airports?

Atlanta is the world's busiest airport.


Dave said...

Yea I've been stuck in Atlanta on an AirTran flight before for something like 6 hours. I intend to use up all my Midwest miles this year as AirTran will be terrible.

Joshua Skolnick said...

Its the same thing that happened to the rails. Corporate takeovers routinely lead to worse service, employee layoffs, etc. Plus you lose the local flavor and community presence of the company.

The demise of the Milwaukee Road and the Chicago and Northwestern being swallowed up by Union Pacific helped lead to the reduction in passenger rail in our area as well, as well as less local accountability by the provider.

In general, competition is good - without it monopoly essential services should best be left to be provided by government or severely regulated.