Thursday, July 19, 2007

Belling's TV Departure Is No Big Loss

The disappearance of Mark Belling's Sunday Morning rightwing jabberfest is no big loss.

His numbers were small, the show was boringly formulaic, the lighting and the set were odd and tired, like much of the opinion aired there.

Belling's TV downfall began when the show moved to Channel 58 from 12, and some of his more entertaining panelists, like Todd Robert Murphy and Walter Farrell, had moved on.

And when Belling had to serve a suspension for using a slur to describe Mexican immigrant residents of Milwaukee, you knew his days were numbered.

He's still got his powerful drive-time afternoon radio program on WISN-AM 1130, and a weekly column in The Waukesha Freeman, but it's a sign that better days are ahead in our market when rightwing squawk TV loses appeal and commercial sustainability.

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