Sunday, July 22, 2007

NY Times Doesn't Include Tommy In Long-Shots' Review

Our favorite cheesehead Tommy Thompson can't even catch a break when The New York Times pays some attention to the oft-ignored long-shot presidential candidates.

The paper of record features Republican Libertarian Ron Paul.

Along with some ink, bytes and links about the other Thompson - - Fred - - and Joe Biden.

Tommy did score some publicity in the local media last week, but again, nothing that's going to win him the Iowa caucuses.

The Journal Sentinel's Katherine Skiba noted that Tommy has raised just $890,000, far less than his goal of $2.5 million.

That's what Obama or Clinton or Romney or Guiliani can raise in a good three-day weekend.

Plus, Tommy has put $100,000 of his own dough in the campaign, Skiba says. That's more than 10% of the total, which means Tommy is basically paying a lot of campaign expenses out of his own pocket.

Tommy made quite the stir in April when he told a Jewish gathering in Washington, DC that he admired Judaism because the religion understood how to make money, and he was finally out in the private sector to get some.

But to so heavily-subsidize his - - what shall we call it - - Quixotic campaign?

He must not have been blowing smoke when he said he was finally making serious money if he's got 100k to dump into staff salaries and fuel for the campaign's RV - - but blowing it on a sure-to-fail run for the presidency suggests Tommy doesn't know how to invest it.

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