Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sierra Club, Film Producer, Coordinate National Expose of Fox News

Fox News repeatedly distorts news about global warming, according to a coalition of organizations led by the Sierra Club and Brave New Films.

"Fox consistently spreads misinformation about global warming and denies the problem exists," said Sierra Club executive director Carl Pope, in a July 10 news release.

"We have a very real, urgent problem that scientists tell us we need to respond to immediately. The fact that Fox is ignoring widely accepted science on global warming is irresponsible and dangerous.

"Fox is effectively accelerating global warming by delaying efforts to solve the problem."

The anti-Fox coalition, including environmental, religious and activist organizations, is calling on advertisers, such as Home Depot, to back up corporate environmental claims by pulling their Fox advertising.

Details are here from the Sierra Club, and additional information and a video produced by Brave New Films here.

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