Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Pabst Farms 1% Solution For Downtown Oconomowoc

The million-square foot upscale mall planned for Pabst Farms will also send an estimated 10,000 visitors a month on into downtown Oconomowoc, the mall developers say.

That's a relative handful - - maybe 1-3% of mall visitors - - that will drive into town, the mall developers say.

Hard to imagine that if 97-99% of shoppers stay put in the mall that the traditional downtown store owners will feel compensated for their contributions to the millions in public dollars invested by Oconomowoc into the Pabst Farms development out at the interstate.

And those taxpayer contributions will continue, as police, fire and other services are provided to the mall and the rest of the commercial and residential occupants of Pabst Farms properties.

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