Monday, July 16, 2007

A "Friends-of" Group Organizes To Protect Waukesha's Vernon Marsh

Developers and water suppliers continue to lick their chops over the beauty and resources of Waukesha County's signature Vernon Marsh, so Wednesday, July 18th's initial meeting of "Friends of The Vernon Marsh" is right on time.

Here are the details:

Please Join Us
Friends of the Vernon Marsh
An Organizational Meeting of a New Group

Wednesday, July 18 7 pm – 8 pm Waukesha Town Hall
W250 S3567 Center Road
Waukesha, Wisconsin

The Town Hall is on Center Rd. one-half mile north of Hwy 59.

The Vernon Marsh is a unique ecosystem, consisting of 4,596 acres of
marshland, flowages, river and lowland forest. It supports abundant
wildlife and is available for hiking, hunting, bird watching, canoeing,
and fishing.

The marsh's wildlife includes pheasants, waterfowl, fur-
bearers, deer, rabbits, woodcock, and sandhill cranes. The Fox River
runs through the marsh, making it an important connection between
the Fox, Mukwonago River, and Pebble Creek watersheds.

Contact Allen Stasiewski: 262-896-0070
or Laurie Longtine: 262-542-7929

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