Saturday, July 21, 2007

Mary Lazich Says Chinese Trade Surplus Rules Out Health Care Reform In Wisconsin

State Sen. Mary Lazich, (R-New Berlin), has published an op-ed in a Monroe, WI newspaper that takes opposition to a Wisconsin health insurance plan global.

Expanding the standard, anti-government GOP line against the "Healthy Wisconsin" plan adopted by the State Senate, Lazich says the booming Chinese economy means we can't afford health insurance in Wisconsin.

So...buying all those Made in China sweaters and electronic gadgets means Wisconsin kids can't have the same kind of great health insurance that is, say, available to state legislators?

And while you're grappling with the foreign trade/Wisconsin health care connection, diagram her concluding sentence:

"However, now is clearly not the time for the Senate Democrats' plan fraught with politics controlling health care, and Wisconsin current economic indicators ranking Wisconsin as one of the highest-taxed states, with the lowest income growth, and a forecast of less jobs and less income due to the largest housing slump in 16 years."

But the best part of her op-ed?

Lazich has attacked this blog - - The Political Environment - - for its criticism of her staunch opposition to Wisconsin's adopting the Great Lakes Compact - - a hypocritical and self-defeating stance because she also wants a water diversion from Lake Michigan to New Berlin approved before the Compact's diversion procedures are in place.

But I did enjoy the following phrase in her op-ed, because it tells me this blog is having a subliminal effect in her thinking:

"I noted that the Senate Democrats' [health insurance] plan would be administered." Lazich wrote, "in a political environment."

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