Monday, July 30, 2007

Gov. Doyle, Michigan's Gov. Granholm Meet Privately With the EPA Administrator

A small newspaper in Michigan, the Record Eagle in Traverse City, carries a column mentioning a recent, private meeting there with Michigan's Governor Jennifer Granholm, Stephen Johnson, the US Environmental Protection Agency administrator, and Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle.

According to the report in the Traverse City (MI) Record Eagle about federal action on Great Lakes issues:

"Granholm said she and Doyle told Johnson: "You've just got to realize that on the ground here, it looks like nothing has happened.”

That's interesting - - could media in Madison get a report on the meeting for interested Wisconsin citizens, from our Governor?

Lots going on with regard to the Great Lakes, doncha know?

Federal inaction on Great Lakes restoration.

Water levels dropping in Lake Superior.

Indiana allowing an oil company to pollute Lake Michigan.

New Berlin moving towards a Lake Michigan diversion, though Wisconsin has yet to adopt the Great Lakes Compact and help establish regional standards for diversions and conservation measures across the eight-state Great Lakes region.

Last year, it was Granholm's office - - not Wisconsin officials - - that notified the public about New Berlin's diversion application. Now a Michigan newspaper carries information about an interesting, potentially significant meeting.

Minnesota blogger Dave Dempsey, a former Michigan environmental state official, also noted the Record Eagle item on his blog.

Could Wisconsin residents be kept in the loop with Wisconsin sourcing, and from state officials, so we don't have to keep relying on officials and media in Michigan, and bloggers in Minnesota?

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