Sunday, July 29, 2007

Lake Superior Warms, Level Keeps Falling

Scientists can't agree on a cause, but water levels in Lake Superior continue to decline, the water temperature rises, shippers are losing millions with lighter loads and media are paying more attention.

Including, somewhat ironically, The Freeman, Waukesha's daily newspaper that circulates right in the heart of Lake Michigan's potential water diversion zone.

Concern about management of the Great Lakes in Wisconsin is not just an issue along Lake Michigan, or in southeastern Wisconsin.

It's truly an issue of statewide concern, involving the quality and quantity of two of the Great Lakes on our borders.

That's why Wisconsin needs to adopt the pending Great Lakes Compact, firming up standards governing diversions from the Great Lakes, conservation standards and other important water management issues in the entire eight-state Great Lakes region.

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Anonymous said...

As we keep using water as if there is an endless supply of consumption. Will we ever figure out that there is actually a limited supply of this invaluable resource. Get a copy of 'Cadillac Desert' and watch what happened out West mainly due to the irrigation of the nations produce and vegetables in California. Our water supply is diminishing at a rapid rate and along with global warming it will be interesting to see what happens in the future.