Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Can this marriage be saved - - the one that brought seven counties into a regional planning body, despite obvious incompatibilities?

First Milwaukee County supervisors began taking a look at withdrawing from SEWRPC - - the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission - - given the agency's routine preference for most things suburban.

Then some officials in Waukesha County thought they should pull out of SEWRPC, too, objecting to the agency's redistribution of state transit money to counties that actually have bus systems - - meaning Milwaukee County gained funding.

Could it be that Milwaukee and Waukesha were finally getting on the same page, cooperating, against SEWRPC!

Would the enemy of one's enemy become one's friend, so to speak?

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel thinks all this talk about getting out of SEWRPC is a bad thing, and whereas it's unlikely that Waukesha County would do something so rash over the loss of a fiscal pittance, it's interesting that SEWRPC's profile is rising, as is counties' displeasure with the way the agency is managed.

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