Monday, January 18, 2021

WI health official Palm heads to DC; Tiffany, et al, outsmarted.

Two thoughts about Andrae Palm's promotion into the Biden administration. 

Wisconsin's top health official, who has thus far led the state's response to the COVID-19 crisis, is poised to leave her post Wednesday to join President-elect Joe Biden's administration. 

1. Good for her flight over the cuckoo's nest.

2. And good that Wisconsin's rightwing politicians - who did nothing but grovel before Trump while they his administration failed their basic pandemic-fighting obligations - did not manage to fire Palm after repeatedly smearing her through inflammatory rhetoric, and also now-US Representative

Image of Tom Tiffany

Tom Tiffany's special brand of garbage:

"Wisconsin's economy and health care system are collapsing. Small businesses are closing their doors for good. Tens of thousands of people are struggling to apply for unemployment in an attempt to survive the storm she caused.

"New data shows us how we can make a targeted response to the Wuhan virus, but Ms. Palm will hear none of it. A native New Yorker, ally of Hillary Clinton's, and Washington, D.C. insider, Ms. Palm understands very little of our Midwestern values or how her decisions have devastated our way of life.

"Ms. Palm came here as Governor Evers' hired gun, and she will leave with Wisconsin's corpse if she continues."

I'd noted months ago that Wisconsin's leading partisan game-players were undercutting DHS Secretary (designee) Andrea Palm by withholding her Cabinet-level confirmation.

Note this July, 2019 posting: 

WI GOP legislators use cheesehead McConnellism to further de-legitimize Evers

How much bowing, bending and scraping must take place in front of these self-important, per-diem subsidized and generously salaried legislators before they behave like adult public servants and less like bratty students who have decided to throw paper airplanes at the substitute teacher...

When Republicans were in charge across-the-board, "certainty" was gospel.

Now it's just another GOP norm tossed away in favor of tacky tactics and raw partisanship, like fiscal conservatism and local control, until the GOP can restore what it had come to see as the biggest norm of them all - - Republican domination for their own careers and special interest donors in all three branches of government.

A final thought: As Bruce Murphy made clear on Urban Milwaukee, it was the Legislature's leadership of Fitzgerald and Vos - and not only the GOP's most whacked-out caucus members - who led the campaign against Palm as part of a larger effort to discredit Gov. Evers. 

During an historically-brutal viral pandemic.

And Wisconsin's COVID19-death toll now approaching 6,000 which was accelerated by the GOP-led Legislature's extended 2020 do-nothing vacation certainly makes Tiffany's 'Wisconsin's corpse' wisecrack especially loathsome.

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