Tuesday, January 19, 2021

WI GOP-run legislature plays 'gavel-in/gavel-out/do-nothing' fun game again

For the 4th time since he took office two years ago, WI Gov. Tony Evers called a special session of the Legislature...and its GOP leaders convened and dismissed themselves quickly without taking any action.

Tuesday's session was to take up repairs to the state's unemployment compensation system which Republicans had deliberately monkey-wrenched to get benefits to fewer recipients. 

Republicans have been blasting Evers for benefit disbursement problems during pandemic joblessness but today declined to do anything about it.

* Just as they did with Evers' calls of special sessions on police accountability and gun violence, and election calendar changes when the pandemic began to surge.

Intentional overtly-partisan actions similar to the Legislature having remained on vacation for most of 2020 while the pandemic raged statewide. 

WI GOP Assembly Speaker Robin has regularly dawdled, slow-walked and frozen Legislative action for partisan purposes, but as you can see here did move quickly when Pres. Trump's plane was landing in Milwaukee last winter.

Because playing partisan power games they have rigged in their favor through blatant gerrymandering is more important to Wisconsin GOP legislative leaders than is actual problem-solving and governing.

Do real work? Please. Work is for the suckers whose pockets are about to be picked again by careless, contemptuous Republicans. 

And when the Legislature finally returned a few days ago after their long, long fully-paid recess, the GOP-led Assembly controlled by Robin Vos first balked at passing a COVID19 action bill proposed by Gov. Evers, then threw together its own long-promised/never-delivered COVID19 bill which was so full of irrelevance and deal-breakers that the GOP-run State Senate declined to take it up.

It was another variation on 'gavel in, gavel out, taxpayers lose' GOP do-nothingness.

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Time for a recall šŸ˜”