Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Not one more taxpayer dime for Vos's 1st Amendment contempt

The last time the breezily arrogant Speaker Vos thumbed his nose at taxpayers and flipped off the First Amendment for Twitter manipulations it cost taxpayers $200,000 to settle the lawsuit he lost.

The Journal Sentinel is reporting that Vos is at it again.

Speaker Vos puts limits on who can respond to tweets despite First Amendment ruling against him

I say, not another dime of public money for repeating this behavior. 

Vos needs to pay the inevitable legal fees and settlement costs himself. No more buying his way out of self-inflicted legal troubles with money three-card-montied from those hard-working taxpayers he and his party always laud when it's campaign commercial filming time.

Maybe he can gerrymander the legislature and pick his own district's voters

but he shouldn't be allowed to pick more money from our wallets.

1 comment:

Allen Bishop said...

Just send him to Mara Lago...or have Koch pick up his legal bill...or have the lawyers at ALEC who wrote the "Foxconn" law do it.

When do country folk and Edgewater Professors figure out they are victims of oligarchs, not partners.