Thursday, January 7, 2021

Does Johnson now think Trump is 'patriot that truly loves America'?

Ron Johnson's enthusiastic and unapologetic Trump enabling has helped bring the country to the brink of disaster.

But its important to understand that Johnson has been living with Trump on the crazy fringe for years.

It was just two months ago - despite Trump outrages from caging kids to shaking down foreign leaders to treating the Presidency like a cash machine - that Johnson sent Trump this memorable valentine which sure didn't age well after Trump's brownshirts on Wednesday overran, defiled, looted and left behind dead bodies at the US Capitol - Johnson's workplace - Wednesday. 

“In the face of coordinated efforts to undermine his administration from day one, and a mainstream media that shed all pretense of fairness, President Trump has tenaciously fought to make America better - and he produced remarkable results. His unbelievably energetic reelection campaign efforts earned him 200,000 more votes in Wisconsin than in 2016 and once again made pollsters look ridiculous. Regardless of the outcome, in my book he will always be a winner and patriot that truly loves America.”

So don't look to Johnson to condemn Trump for inciting the Capitol riot Wednesday, as he's excused Trump's lawbreaking before:


As I noted in June:

Trump operates above the law. Ron Johnson helped with that.

As Trump continues to throw the country into repeated and dangerous, pre-election constitutional crises, it's worth revisiting Ron Johnson's blanket blasé excuse-making that kept Trump from being removed after his impeachment. 

* Said conservationists who'd criticized him were on "an environmental jihad."

* Did not inform police a staffer had told him she'd been sexually assaulted.

* Said sunspots were causing climate change.

* Said people with pre-existing medical conditions deserved to pay more for health insurance just as auto insurers charge higher premiums to insure cars which have been damage in crashes.

* Said food, health care and shelter were privileges, not rights.

* Said US COVID deaths of 11 million was a tolerable number.


Anonymous said...

It is so wild that anyone in the Senate or House still supports Trump. The Senate and House were both in session in the Capitol along with the VP. An armed mob breached security looking for blood. All of our federal elected representatives could have been massacred. Who would have been left? Trump and his family. That was an attempted coup and while Trump wasn't out in front, he is responsible and would have gladly taken power.

nonquixote said...

Whomever is not officially held responsible for Jan 6, events at the US Capitol will give us a better picture of who the ultimate instigators of the action down the road is.

Every WI US and state GOP legislator is complicit for officially questioning in a unified and unrelenting manner, the legitimacy, validity and integrity of Wisconsin's elections.

These same legislators don't get to avoid the same questioning about the legitimacy of their own legislative seats if they claim the POTUS election was "stolen," and should step down, resign immediately, requesting special elections be held to re-elect each of them to their federal and state government seats. They have no legitimacy on their claims about the presidential election, without first resigning and asking for new elections for themselves.

A side issue being ignored by the main stream media in this whole mess is an unelected social media company censoring free speech and becoming the fascist gate-keepers for whose "free speech," that will be allowed. I don't really care how awful Trump's tweets were.

If his speech amounted to sedition, treason or a call for a coup, constitutional law and not a social media company should have been able to shut him down by simply arresting him for his actions. Social media censorship essentially excused Trump's behavior in his specific actions on January 6.

Anonymous said...

Urinal Sentinel having second thoughts about staying with Team Trump Sedition?