Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Foxconn to hire 10,000 workers, but...

In Vietnam, not Wisconsin:

Foxconn gets green light for $270M factory in Vietnam

Foxconn is set to build a new factory to produce tablets and computers in Vietnam, which could be part of Apple's plan to widen its iPad and MacBook production lines outside of China....This will not be Foxconn's first foray in Vietnamese production, with it having already invested $1.5 billion in the country so far....including the recruitment of 10,000 local workers.

Hmm...where have we seen that number before? Oh, on Feb. 2-3, 2019, here:

Now Foxconn's chairmen Terry Gou is saying after discussing the project with Donald Trump that it's projected Wisconsin workforce of 13,000 employees will hire far more engineers than blue collar workers:

"Foxconn plans to hire more than 10,000 engineers to do research and development," he said. 

And how's that going? 

* You be the judge:

Behind-the-scene report details Foxconn's failure to live up to its promise in Wisconsin
The company spent two years exploring ideas to generate revenue such as fish farming with water piped in from Lake Michigan, exporting ice cream and storing boats. In addition, golf carts were purchased to retrofit into autonomous vehicles that would cart in employees, but the idea never reached fruition.

“As the divisions bickered, bored employees would come down from the Milwaukee headquarters to race the carts around the empty building, until the batteries finally died,” the Verge reported. 


Walker-Trump Foxconn world wonder to flounder for years

And while there have been reports about ventilatorsmasksserver components and airport coffee kiosks in various stages of planning or production there, there are no big flat panel devices being made in Foxconn's now-completed-but scaled-back main building which is what the whole deal was based on.

Which is why the company's relatively few hires didn't quality in 2019 for any of the whopping state tax credits which Walker and the Legislature had quickly approved.

But wait, there's more:

Foxconn not expect to meet hiring goals in next 3 years  
The Department of Administration’s projection came in its budget request for the fiscal years 2022 and 2023.  
Hundreds of additional posts and links, here

* Promises, promises: 

With state $, Lake Michigan water, Foxconn sending super suburban sprawl to once-bucolic Mt. Pleasant
Foxconn promotional video suggests Versailles is coming to Mt. Pleasant. Or is it DisneyWorld? 


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