Monday, January 25, 2021

To WI GOP's COVID19 nonchalance, add tolerance for known water-borne toxins

Since Monday we're on the COVID19-inspired theme of Wisconsin's rightwing policy-makers as a Death Cult, let's add this unnerving contradiction about toxins in Madison's waters to the evidence:

Place side-by-side the fresh data showing that all of Madison's lakes are contaminated with toxic chemicals known as PFAS, or 'forever chemicals'-

PFAS found in all Madison Lakes; DNR testing fish before issuing consumption warning

- with this action just five weeks ago by the GOP-led Wisconsin State Assembly showing what Republicans intend to do about the PFAS threat -   

Republicans Block Tougher Enforcement of PFAS Chemicals 

Republican lawmakers have blocked the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources from enforcing new regulations designed to keep PFAS out of the environment.

I had noted that anti-science, anti-public-health dismissive action, and put it into context with other examples of long-standing water contamination statewide enabled as a matter of policy by Republicans and special interests, here. 

GOP continues to leave Wisconsin waters contaminated and unsafe

As I noted more than once, state waterways with known impairment jumped 20% during Walker's tenure. 

More technical information about PFAS is here, per the DNR. 

And also, there is more about WI GOP standard operating water polluting policy procedures (stall, minimize, enable, deal-in-special-interests-deal-out-the-public), here.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, yes. The GOP is indeed the party of Death, Destruction and Annihilation.