Friday, May 29, 2020

'Open-up' champ Vos's Racine Co. has solid hold on #3 Covid-case ranking

Haven't heard much if anything from WI GOP Assembly Speaker Robin Vos about his home Racine County's repetitive third-place ranking among Wisconsin counties for confirmed Covid-19 cases. 

I'll post below the Top 10, according to Friday's official data, and you can see that counties like Dane and Waukesha which have much larger populations than Does Racine have fewer positive cases.

A matter of testing availability? Differences in social distancing practices? An absence of, ahem, local leadership
Vos said weeks ago it was "incredibly safe to go outside," but more than 1,600 citizens in his home county of Racine have a Covid-19 positivity test that, like the protective gear he donned on election, suggests otherwise.

I'll bet it didn't help having a sheriff who washed his hands early on of enforcing the safer-at-home order which Vos helped blow up, thanks to an equally reckless right-wing and Republican subservient State Supreme Court majority:

  • 7,429 in Milwaukee County
  • 2,308 in Brown County
  • 1,652 in Racine County
  • 1,131 in Kenosha County
  • 705 in Dane County
  • 665 in Waukesha County
  • 620 in Rock County
  • 379 in Walworth County
  • 238 in Washington County
  • 224 in Winnebago County
  • I do see typically partisan anti-Evers tweets on Vos's Twitter feed, but no personal responsibility taken for the litigation he brought with taxpayer funds which led to the State Supreme Court's 'wild-west' policy [Sic] which does not appear to be doing Vos's constituents and others any favors.


    Anonymous said...

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    Anonymous said...

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