Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Racine County has Covid-19 leadership fails, gets Covid-19 failing grade

Wisconsin is not staying home as much. The state got a 'D' in social distancing based on mobile data.
The eastern side of the state rate especially low, particularly in the southeast. Walworth, Racine, Washington and Rock counties are the only four in the state to receive "F" grades based on [one tech firm's] formula
Call it follow the leaders:
Racine County Sheriff won't enforce 'Safer-at-Home order
And this guy's doing his bit:
Assembly Speaker Robin Vos [had] signaled...he was considering legal action to either curb or block Evers' power to act unilaterally during the coronavirus outbreak.  
"We’re angry, we’re frustrated and we’re trying to push back in every way that we can," Vos of Rochester said on WISN-AM (1130).

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Anonymous said...

Is there anything more awful or more evil. I don't think so. Wisconsin use to be a State other states looked to for leadership, but that has changed as we have become the most vile, corrupt places in the country. Thank you Mr. Voss, Mr. Fitzgerals and Ms Darling. Our representative who has gone into hiding so she doesn't blow the election.