Monday, May 11, 2020

For healthcare workers, air shows. But no nat'l testing plan, next wave prep

We don't have a national Covid-19 testing strategy and Trump's White House is infected with a virus he'd said was a hoax that would be disappear more than 80,000 deaths ago, but Tuesday will bring nationwide fighter-jets' bread-and-circuses-and afternburners flyovers to scare the virus away.
Where to watch the Wisconsin Air National Guard fighter jets flyover saluting health care workers on May 12
Media feel obliged to add clarity to the absurd:
The flyover is part of Operation American Resolve, a nationwide campaign...Residents in the area are urged to view the flyover from home, and not to travel to the hospitals. 
I'll bet health care workers and their patients would prefer that the taxpayer dollars being spent on this kind of noisy but not unique 

Thunderbird air show practice over Milwaukee, July 2019
nothing-burger - - thousands of dollars an hour multiplied many, many times over - - be spent on hospital workers' protective gear and preparations for the next Covid-19 wave (s).

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Minnesconsin Tom said...

Even in the best of circumstances, I hate fighter jet flyovers. Always have. Aside from the cost and pollution, they’re ear-splitting and frankly scary as hell when they twist, turn, and race at the speed of sound over heavily populated urban areas. I’m sorry if that sounds unpatriotic. Wait a minute, no I’m not. Because I AM PATRIOTIC when I demand that the government spend the money on TESTING so that my fellow Americans stop dying needlessly!