Friday, May 22, 2020

Study says WI is among Top 10 states risking 'uncontrolled' Covid-19 spread

Say there, second-Covid-19 wave enablers, a/k/a certain WI State Supreme Court Justices - 

- and GOP legislative 'leaders' shrugging off their own  counties' heavy Covid-19 caseloads:

How does it feel to put 5.8 million Wisconsinites (and Memorial Day Weekend tourist partiers) on this list at #10:

Study estimates 24 states still have uncontrolled coronavirus spread
The coronavirus may still be spreading at epidemic rates in 24 states, particularly in the South and Midwest, according to new research that highlights the risk of a second wave of infections in places that reopen too quickly or without sufficient precautions...
Texas tops the list, followed by Arizona, Illinois, Colorado, Ohio, Minnesota, Indiana, Iowa, Alabama and Wisconsin.

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