Thursday, May 28, 2020

WI GOP's Covid-19 'plan' had no life. Seems to be a theme.

After successfully imploring the WI Supreme Court for a seat at the Covid-19 planning table, Wisconsin's GOP legislators walked away from the table and accountability to let the state reopen - come what may.

To which Covid-19 said, 'thank you,' so this will be your headline Thursday morning into the weekend: 

Wisconsin sees new single-day records in coronavirus deaths, cases and tests
Which should not come as a surprise, as I noted on May 20th:
Bad news Wednesday: Record number of Covid-19 cases in Wisconsin reported...
4:45 p.m. update - And I now see this alarming news at Urban Milwaukee:
State Sees Biggest Hike In New COVID-19 Hospital Admissions In 30 Days
Anyone hospitalized with Covid-19, anyone caring for them, anyone separated from them, anyone meeting with a pastor and funeral director to plan memorial service via Zoom isn't going to be convinced that the curve has been flattened or the corner has been turned.

Or that it's comforting to know that Death Cult Republicans who had been saying for weeks even before they got the bars and beaches reopened that it was perfectly safe to go outside (but in operating room gear)  

keep on consulting "When you wish upon a star" for guidance.


Anonymous said...

The Oneida County Board's Public Safety Committee greenlighted Hodag Country Fest on May 26, against the advice and guidelines of the public health department.
(Search for Hodag Country Fest to get story.) Horrible community spread risk for Rhinelander!

There's a petition drive against it at but County Board is under no obligation to pay attention.

“I don’t think that 16,000 people on a one-day thing, out at Country Fest, is any different than if you combine Walmart, Home Depot, and Menard’s,”[County board supervisor Mitch Ives] said. “I don’t see the difference between that at all, because there’s that many people that go there in a day.”

The stupid is strong in that one.

Anonymous said...

Update: Organizers cancelled the Hodag Country Festival at 1 PM this afternoon. petition had reached 8,444 signatures when discontinued.
15,264 lungs in Rhinelander issued single statement: "Whew!"

Ken Pickett said...

The “Pro Life Party” delivers again!! The GOP and they’re Gerrymandered legislature and packed courts will Kill more Wisconsin Citizens In quest to maintain power!💩🐘💩🐘🤮

Anonymous said...

On the national scene, trumpy and first ho took a taxpayer paid jaunt to Florida for a photo op. They'll return this weekend to let they're illegal aliens wait on them at Mar-a-Lagoville. Members of the trumpy crime family stowaway aboard Air Farce One take a break from spewing divisive and false information on social media while sucking up more freebies in Palm Beach. The Trump's are the pandamnick and should stay away from the space launch at Cape Canaveral.