Sunday, January 17, 2016

WI needs authentic conservatives at the State Capitol

The Wisconsin State Capitol needs genuine conservatives who respect the root of the word "conservative" (as has been said before, Bucky), when applied to the land and water the state still concedes it holds for all of us in trust - - "Wisconsin's Waters Belong To Everyone" - -
instead of shallow cartoon characters and their enablers who, in the name of 'conservative' ideology, special interests and favoritism, would:

*  deliberately refuse to follow and implement clean water law.

*  intentionally undermine Wisconsin forestry, recreation, and tourism;

*  sell 10,000 acres of public land because they like the round number.

*  fill wetlands.

*  load hazardous sand dust into the air.

*  expand groundwater pollution.

*  cut down forests.

*  dig and trample native burial grounds.

*  trophy-hunt wildlife, and

*  degrade, sell or wall off access to the public's streams, rivers and lakes:

"Selling prime shoreland on a northern Wisconsin lake is a terrible precedent," said former Natural Resources Secretary George Meyer, now executive director of the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation.
*  Or, if you're not convinced:
The state Department of Natural Resources has identified more than 1,000 acres of state-owned land in Langlade County that could go on the auction block — a move that has angered trout anglers because the properties contain a cache of ecologically significant spring ponds with native brook trout populations. 
The ponds, gouged by glaciers thousands of years ago, are fed by rich sources of groundwater that sustain the fish and neighboring streams, rivers and lakes. 
The DNR recently posted 13 properties in Langlade County on its website that contain the small ponds. They are among 118 parcels, covering approximately 8,300 acres, the DNR could sell to private parties or other units of government.


Sue said...

Scott Walker, 64% - 34% in Langlade County, 2014.

Anonymous said...

The 2016 elections afford us the opportunity to put commonsense in the Capitol. We have had enough of any kind of conservative over the past 5 years!

my5cents said...

So, once they finish selling off public lands to beef up their budget shortages then where will they get the money to run the state? These are Republicans doing this who never ever think an idea through to the absolute end result.

Anonymous said...

@ Sue,

"Approval of Walker and legislative parties
Approval of how Scott Walker is handling his job stands at 38 percent, with 58 percent disapproval. In September, 37 percent approved and 59 percent disapproved.

Thirty-one percent say they approve of the way Republicans in the legislature are handling their job, with 60 percent disapproving and 9 percent saying they don’t know. For Democrats in the legislature, 39 percent approve while 49 percent disapprove, with 12 percent saying they don’t know."

Credit: Dr. Charles Franklin, Marquette University Law School, November 2015