Friday, January 29, 2016

Bayfield County toughens stand against massive pig farm plan

Props to Bayfield County, WI, for asserting local control over its environment and further protecting the Lake Superior watershed from the stench of a proposed Iowa-based 26,000-pig farm and the special interest, Madison-based big government politicos pushing the smell to the north.

Though the WI DNR has tipped its legal and regulatory hand when green-lighting a big cattle feeding capacity expansion with manure and water pollution issues.

More here and here.


Anonymous said...

Unless there is some reason the farm can't be built mainly that the plans and specs can't be approved, the farm will probably get approval. I don't think that not having enough land under contract to spread manure stops approval of plans and specs. They might not be able to have as many pigs but there will be pigs. Sorry Bayfield. Your state government is going to fail you. Not because the staff necessarily like a farm in that spot, but because the laws are not protective of surface water.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous...9:12.......Walker and his Republican legislators and his Supreme Court judges and Schimel have all the power needed to prevent this from happening. Sadly they've probably already spent the under the table dollars they received from the Iowa farming operator. If it was in their best interests to prevent this farm from occurring they'd be on it like flies on manure. But they see money to be made for their party and their colleagues by holding out their hands!