Saturday, January 23, 2016

MAL Contends blog links Flint, WI drinking water contamination

Hat tip for the perseverance  - - and for the more than 20 links to articles and reports - - in a new posting on the MAL Contends blog about the drinking water contamination in Flint, MI and polluted, abused water supplies in Wisconsin.
We are in crisis mode in Wisconsin and Michigan as the level of health and environmental toxins vectored into Wisconsin's waters often exceeds safe levels, yet Scott Walker moves boldly for less protection against the polluters, and the abandonment of our state Constitution's Public Trust Doctrine.
I'd noted the connection in a far-less detailed item and elsewhere, and MAL Contends has a great track record on these matters.

And, yes, "crisis mode" is the right phrase and frame for what is being injected from industrial-scale dairy farms into Wisconsin politics and household piping by ideologically-driven policies.

Added to the mix: a mega-pig farm on tap in NW Wisconsin within sniffing distance of Lake Superior.

Side note - - Rachel Maddow is bringing her MSNBC show to a town hall setting in Flint next Wednesday; wouldn't it be great if she had time to visit to one of the groundwater-tainted counties... 

...which the MAL Contends blog cites:
Republican Gov. Scott Walker has ignored (indeed caused) the water problem in KewauneeJuneauAdamsWood counties, inflicting the same polluter-friendly, anti-family health agenda he has pursued since he was elected.


Anonymous said...

The same company seeking CAFO permit in Bayfield County was denied in Iowa a year ago:
...because it's now or never for protecting our water from total contamination.

Anonymous said...

Be forewarned; If Waukesha is granted a Great Lakes Diversion Exception, the Great Lakes Compact is terminally weakened and every community with a contaminated water source will use Waukesha's accepted misrepresentations to sue if their application request is rejected.