Saturday, January 16, 2016

Another day, another Joel Kleefisch legislative misfire

He wants to end the state's minimum hunting age restriction.

The GOP assemblyman from Oconomowoc has had some wacky hunting ideas before - - like the sandhill crane 'ribeye-in-the-sky' hunt he really, really wanted - - but hey, combine the kindergarteners' hunting permission with fellow Waukesha County GOP legislator Mary Lazich's Take Your Gun To School Senate bill and the transformation of open-carry-concealed-carry-stand your-ground Wisconsin into an NRA colony is complete.

Except for maybe universal, mandatory carry?


Anonymous said...

We should organize a search party and try and find his brain.

my5cents said...

Why don't they just pass a law that anyone who wants a gun can buy a gun and carry it wherever they choose. What they are doing, piece by piece will end up to be the same thing. Then we can have the wild, wild west all over again. Now that's taking back our country isn't it?