Saturday, January 30, 2016

Privatizing WI water utilities ripped in Door County media

One of the most respected environmental voices in NE Wisconsin takes his State Senator (Frank Lasee) to task for the water system privatization measure speeding through the Wisconsin Legislature.
With all the concern over under-funded infrastructure needs and the need for improvement after years of neglect, the public should still maintain control of their own water supplies and bear the costs of needed improvement. There would be no cost saving to pay a non-public entity (corporation) a profit margin to More about the above the cost of public ownership
More about the long-time Door County activist calling out Lasee, here.

Lasee, a leading legislative opponent of wind power, has also supported drilling for oil and gas beneath Lake Michigan, is sponsoring a bill to ease restrictions against nuclear power plant construction in Wisconsin and backs legislation to broadly roll back environmental protection statewide.

Also find more details about the water systems' sales in an item leading this blog since Thursday, here:
Bizarre and damning enough that Wisconsin is tolerating well water pollution, but now right-wing ideologues at the State Capitol are about to intentionally commit yet another FUBAR when it comes to undermining drinking water safety:  
The corporate-obeisant GOP-controlled Wisconsin State Senate is poised in committee Thursday to join the Assembly's shameful initiative and enable local governments to sell their water systems to out-of-state, private-sector businesses, proving that Bucky has learned nothing from Flint's water travails, and the consequences of losing control of its drinking water system and supply and flushing it down the drain.


Anonymous said...

With Lasee hip deep in the ALEC swamp, what would you expect?

Bill Sell said...

I would add a note from the news in California. Nestles, in spite of the conservation measures mandated by mother nature and climate-change storm systems, continues to make profits from California water by putting it (it's free because it's public!!) into bottles and shipping it anywhere in the world.

Be sure: Nestles knows what is going on in Wisconsin. Like a fox eyeing a chicken coop, N is eyeing a municipality starved for dollars and will make a quick snack of the fools.

Joshua Skolnick said...

To paraphrase Ralph Nader, Frank Lasee is a walking talking corporation masquerading as a human being.