Thursday, January 14, 2016

Vos steps away from Lazich's Take Your Gun To School bill

Maybe the Assembly Speaker just wants to slow down this runaway train, or maybe he doesn't want to provide a legal shield for people who forget they are packing heat.


Anonymous said...

What's amazing is that Lazich wants to give schools the right to decide if they want guns in schools but her fellow Republicans want to take away the right of schools to hold referendums whenever need arises. This Republican legislative circus simply can't find anything meaningful to do. They ought to all just go home and not even hold a spring legislative session because when they get together Wisconsin's citizens take it in the shorts!

Anonymous said...

As a public school teacher and a parent with two children in public schools, I find this proposal potentially life-altering.

Learning cannot take place in an environment of fear. Learning must be a joyful activity, bending towards a confident and robust self-actualization. Obviously, legislators will be putting the rights of gun owners ahead of the free and appropriate public education guaranteed by the Wisconsin Constitution.

I will refuse to work in such a threatening environment, and take my family to a state where my children can grow and develop in a civilized society.

Act 10 was insulting. This is nothing short of an existential threat.

Anonymous said...

So Long!