Friday, January 8, 2016

Rock River contamination found near Janesville, WI

The authorities say no health threat. Reassured?  
The City of Janesville released a notice on their website that elevated levels of contaminants in the sediment of the Rock River were found near the former General Motors assembly plant. The contaminants were found during the city's routine exploration of river sediment while evaluating the future of the Monterey Dam... 
The DNR says there is no health risk to the public, either from river fish consumption or direct contact. GM says they are reviewing the report and will evaluate river sediment near the plant which it plans to share with the city and DNR.


lufthase said...

Do you have any insight into the potential impacts and amount of contamination, say relative to other "hard-working" rivers? All the news reports I've seen so far just say "the river is contaminated" and don't really provide any specifics or context.
Found the actual report here:

I see the GM site (#8) is above the "Probable Effects Concentration" for: Cadmium, Chromium, Lead, Zinc, Mercury, and whole slew of organic compounds.

Anonymous said...

Maybe that is why GM closed up shop and left.