Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Polluted WI-MI trickle-down

Another installment of When Tea Partiers Attack, or:

*  What happened to you, Michigan, and your great water protection legacy in the heart of the Great Lakes?
Responding to calls that his administration has not done enough to help this city and its lead-poisoned water supply, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) dispatched his state’s National Guard on Tuesday to help distribute clean water. 
More than 30 National Guard troops are expected to be on the ground by Friday, where they will go door to door to hand out water bottles, filters and testing kits to residents in this city of nearly 100,000. 
The move comes amid rising anger here after it took 19 months for state officials to address a health crisis caused by the government itself, when it changed the source of its water to save money. Evidence has emerged that suggests state officials knew of the enormity of the problem and appeared to ignore or even downplay it. 
*  Same question to you, water-rich Wisconsin
Wisconsin is in the midst of a water crisis with its roots in politics, policy and profits.
Look no further than Kewaunee County, WI, in the year 2015:
One-third of wells in Kewaunee County unsafe for drinking water
*  Oh, and there's that ancient Enbridge oil pipeline running under the Mackinac Strait.

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