Wednesday, June 2, 2010

WisDOT Becomes Kohler's Caddy

Tom Daykin updates the status of the special interest interstate interchange being built to accommodate golf tournaments held near the village of Kohler perhaps every five years.

The golf course was built by and belongs to the privately-owned Kohler Company, which has always had, shall we say, an out-sized presence in Sheboygan County affairs. (There have been long and bloody strikes at the company; when I covered the 1983 walkout for the Milwaukee Journal, I remember seeing bullet holes in company property that dated to the historic 1930's strike.)

When no tournament is running, the interchange will be closed, so no route to the golf course for you that way, duffer.

Think about the money being thrown into this project - -using state eminent domain power to seize the necessary land- - the next time you hit a pothole or drive through an unplowed street and are told that there's no money in transportation budgets to pay for basic services.


Anon Jim said...

So why exactly is Diamond Jim Doyle's DoT building this boutique interchange for Kohler?

Or is this somehow Tommy Thompson's fault?

James Rowen said...

A better question is why do you ape what you hear on talk radio - - the "Diamond Jim" appellation is superficial and reveals a lot about the people who use it.

Ron R said...

No James, a better question is why don't you answer Anon Jim's question?

James Rowen said...

You two should collaborate on your own blog.

Anon Jim said...


So James pray tell - why exactly is Governor James Edward Doyle's DoT building this boutique interchange for Kohler?

James Rowen said...

As I have said, road-building is a bi-partisan reflex in this state. Every governor gives this special interest what it wants and puts WisDOT at their beck and call. Legislators and most local officials love it, too.

It's not about specific contributions. It's business as usual.