Thursday, June 24, 2010

Road-Builders Don't Like Long-Lasting Pavement

Oh, what a surprise!

Roads with life spans double or better what we in theory normally get would cost the industry those lucrative (Marquette Interchange,/Zoo Interchange/All Chicago Metroland/Fill In The Blank Highway) replacement contracts.

To think nothing of the orange barrel industry.

A year ago I posted some information about long-lasting pavement routinely used in Europe, but avoided at all costs here because elected officials and road-builders are in agreement that public funds shall be spent as often as possible repaving, rebuilding and expanding the crumbling-on-schedule infrastructure we paid for.


Unknown said...

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Jim Bouman said...

It's a synergy thing. My pop always said the Mafia had the central role.

They'd have their road-builder outfits use inferior concrete on road construction.

Then, they'd have their trucking companies pound those roads into gravel by running over-loaded.

All the while bribing their wholly-owned legislative lackeys to increase the load limits.

Lots of waste on the taxpayers' dime.

Pop was a railroad man, 49 years on the New York Central. He knew about how to move freight the cheapest, least destructive way.

Anon Jim said...

Fascinating insight there Mr. Bouman.

Too bad the Mafia didn't become a significant factor earlier than they did, like before railroads became economically obsolete, otherwise the Mafia would have been involved with rail and we would be up to our eyeballs in trains atm.