Monday, June 21, 2010

John Boatman, R.I.P.

And people still say UWM does not have distinguished faculty.


Spiritmentalist said...

Thank you for honoring John.

John would say that death of the physical body is not the end of the individual. It is instead a transitional step in the ongoing cycle of existence manifested in Great Spirit's spiraling nonlinear space-time continuum. John, "I love you! You have made me into who I am today. I thank you for the adventure. Till we meet again my greatest teacher."

I have seen the middle of the four roads and Walk in Honor proudly as you have given me the confidence to see with my eyes closed and trust the little child inside. Miigwitch, for helping to make my life an adventure as I know you are apart of all who love you. Shine on my old friend, my greatest teacher, you live on in all of us. Until we dance again, welcome home.

June 23, 2010
Friend, I can not believe that you are gone it is you that sang the songs of the earths tears. She is wailing and yet, the message is found in the circle of stones on the majik isle that drifts in and out of time. Zembla appears with answers unclear pulling you in on floating roots of cedar trees as the guardian dances a trance-formational doorway appears. Do you become one with the sun? Do you bleed for the one? Is the sacrifice worth the rest? The test of time is broken like a mirror shattered like a painted illusion with colors of blue and green washing away the uncertainties?

Grandmother ClearSky said...

Miigwitch of honoring my father, John F. Boatman in your blog. When I accepted the Spaights Award on my father’s behalf in October 2009, the Chancellor called my father the conscious of the University. Even in Spirit, he will continue to be the conscious of the University.

Blessings to you, James Rowen.

“If whales could scream, maybe the world would listen.”

Colleen Boatman

James Rowen said...

Thank you both for these comments.