Monday, June 28, 2010

Business Group Repeats Its Overstatement Of SEWRPC Action On Great Lakes Water

In a posting earlier Monday, I noted that a business group had mischaracterized what actions the Southeast Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission has taken in a study to determine if it's a good idea to divert Lake Michigan water to Waukesha.

The pro-diversion business group says SEWRPC has recommended that option, when actually only an advisory committee to SEWRPC has done so.

The SEWRPC study is not yet completed.

The advisory committee includes Waukesha's water utility manager along with water utility managers from Waukesha's potential Lake Michigan water suppliers - - Milwaukee, Racine and Oak Creek together 28 additional government, business, academic and other experts.

I also see that the business group is urging people to sign an online petition that backs the Waukesha application for Lake Michigan water - - and it repeats the group's earlier overstatement of what SEWPRC has done:

"Both the City of Waukesha and our regional planning authority (Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Authority [sic] have comprehensively reviewed all potential options, considering both environmental impact and cost effectiveness, concluding that Great Lakes water is the best option for Waukesha. "

[I added the [sic] because SEWRPC is a Commission, not an Authority]

Again, SEWRPC has concluded nothing.

Can we get a little more accuracy into these messages?

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