Tuesday, June 29, 2010

DNR Now Offering Air Quality Information By County

You can now, reports the DNR, receive notices by e-mail, RSS feed or text messages whenever your county has an air quality watch or advisory. The Department of Natural Resources has improved its Air Quality Notification system to include this feature. Previously, subscribers could only sign up to get a message for all air quality watches and advisories, no matter where they occurred in the state.

To subscribe to air quality notices by county, multiple counties or statewide use the links at the top of the Wisconsin Statewide Air Quality Notices page of the DNR website. The subscription page for the county option also includes air quality web pages tailored to each county. Current subscribers who want to continue receiving notices for all counties do not need to take any action.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Anne Bogar at anne.bogar@wisconsin.gov or (608)266-3725

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If you have questions or problems with the subscription service, please contact support@govdelivery.com.

Other inquiries can be directed
to the DNR.

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