Thursday, June 24, 2010

Great Lakes Worry: Intact Carp Found Above Electronic Barrier

If the Great Lakes states and US Army Corps of Engineers don't get a handle on the Asian carp migrating up the Mississippi River and its tributaries, the Gulf of Mexico contamination story is going to have a dreadful counterpart.


Anon Jim said...

James - considering the wasteful and ineffective approach the Feds took in trying to avert this from happening, why do you hold onto the belief the carp can still be kept out of the Great Lakes?

As I have stated on more than one occasion this was never a question of "if", just "when".

And the "when" has occurred with the carp already being in Lake Michigan. (AJ1)

James Rowen said...

Doing nothing is hardly an option.

Anon Jim said...

Doing something that was never, ever going to work is the same as doing nothing.

Except for the millions of our tax dollars wasted on the idiotic electric non-"barrier".

What exactly are they going to do now that the carp are already in Lake Michigan?

James Rowen said...

What's your plan?


What groups are you joining?

What action are you taking?

Anon Jim said...

Specific to issue of the carp invading the Great Lakes there is no plan, suggestion, or action to take.

The Federal government is responsible for the fact that the carp were in the Mississippi river system to begin with and has known for years this was going to happen and did essentially nothing to stop it.

That is your beloved Government at "work".

James Rowen said...

So there you are, on the sidelines, just griping, pointing fingers.

Anon Jim said...

First off there is nothing the other Great Lakes states can do since this is all in the state of Illinois & the City of Chicago's control at the moment.

As long as those 2 entities are ruled by Democrats who care more about the revenue from the Shipping Canal being open and not sealing the damn locks, versus the biological disaster about to hit the Great Lakes - there is nothing to be done.

Would not surprise me if some Union jobs were at stake here too, which would only further explain their intransigence.

And the Feds aren't going to lift a finger as long as Obama is in place covering his political allies from Illinois collective backsides.

What exactly were the results from the useless White House Carp Summit back in February - a Blue Ribbon commission?

How pathetic.

dadofone said...

@Anon Jim

"That is your beloved Government at "work".

So you are not a citizen nor a voter nor have access to at least leave a email message stating your views with your local state or US government representatives?

"How pathetic."

I really hope that is not the case.