Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Menace Of Sprawl, In One Line

From the good folks at

"For all the implications of ‘sprawl’-- from job loss and economic decline, to alarming obesity, asthma rates and segregation, to the loss of habitat and global warming, to our dangerous dependence on foreign oil--all of them are driven by one fundamental problem: the mismatch between where we live and where we work." --Shaun Donovan, Secretary Housing and Urban Development (HUD) February 2010


Peter said...

oh good, then - i was hoping it had nothing to do with where i live and where my school is, or where my friends live, or where my grocery store is, or where my favorite bars are, or that there is no realistic way to bike to any of these places. glad it's all worked out now so we can finally get to making some policy that works. so simple. whodathunkit?

Anon Jim said...

So what happens when the location of your job changes - you have to move?

Not everyone is in a public sector "never have to worry about losing your job" job.

More sage wisdom from some Ivy League / public sector brainiac who has not had a day of real work in his life.

James Rowen said...
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