Monday, June 21, 2010

Another Milwaukee-Waukesha Bus Route Eliminated

Now it's a line to Quad/Graphics.

Earlier, Route 9.

Of course, plans proceed to spent $2.3 billion to redo the Zoo Interchange, through which traffic between Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties runs.

Yet Milwaukee workers are becoming more and more isolated from Waukesha County jobs - - unless they can magically become car buyers, though data show between 30-40% of Milwaukee city residents do not have access to a car.

And finding affordable housing in communities like New Berlin, and other smaller, suburban communities in Waukesha County?

After that rich vein of hostility opened in the last few weeks over 80 units of housing planned for New Berlin for working-class residents?

On the one hand, we have all sorts of calls for regionalism, regional cooperation, problem-solving, etc.

But the reality is that opportunities in Waukesha County are being closed off and closed down for lower-income people - - many of whom live in Milwaukee.

This is a bad trend.

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Anonymous said...

Nobody rides it - so who cares?

How many empty busses do we need trolling around?