Friday, June 18, 2010

GOP Senate Candidate In Wisconsin Wants Oil Drilling Under Great Lakes

Ron Johnson, the GOP's convention-endorsed opponent for US Senator Russ Feingold (D-WI) must not have a TV set.

Despite the gusher in the Gulf of Mexico, Johnson supports the discredited scheme to drill for oil under the world's largest supply of fresh surface water, the Great Lakes.


dadofone said...

But Jo (Sarah Palin) Egelhoff painted such a glowing picture of this self-made business man who must have (over) paid sooo many taxes to the govmt over the years while she guested on the Joy Cardin Show (WPR) this morning, and it is hard to believe anyone would consider this in a finite fresh water body.

We have oil barges regularly transiting Death's Door to Green Bay and I would think that with the Gulf of Mexico catastrophe unfolding, this potential drilling, hopefully, would be more of a concern than any of us would sanely tolerate.

enoughalready said...

I have heard that there is already some concern that we will eventually see oil from the Gulf gusher -- spill is too mild a word -- in the St. Lawrence seaway!