Saturday, January 10, 2009

Senator To Give Pay Raise to Non-Profits

Also sounds like a taxpayer-subsidized tax deduction to me.


Anonymous said...

I would agree.

But, at least I am consistent.

I think that "giving back" a pay raise by giving it to charity is a sham.

I also think it's a sham when legislators pass laws that take money from the taxpayers to give to some worth cause or policy that benefits a narrow group.

It's the same thing.

Betsey said...

I think the word "toward" may be quite telling as to her actual intentions, in her words, "I have decided to accept the pay raise that I will use toward charitable contributions."

How much toward, Mary? A ten? $150 ? Your pocket change ?
Why not donate the entire $2530? At least come clean with us taxpayers by letting us know where our money is going--and don't spend mine on one of your anti-abortion terrorist groups, or the Catholic Church (or any church, for that matter), or the NRA or a private school . . .

Don't you understand by now that the state legislature--the body you've been part of for over 15 years--approves the budgets that drive tax rates? For almost 2 decades, your party controlled either all 3 of the governorship and the two houses of the legislature, or at least two of those 3 bodies. You're 15 years too late, Mary, but you could start now by saving the taxpayers a nice chunk of change--AND begin cleaning up the oily, stinky mess on your office carpet--by firing Kevin Fischer.