Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pabst Farms Mall On Life Support

The state shouldn't spend one dime on an interchange to a project this iffy.


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Jim Bouman said...

It is a pretty sure thing that the Waukesha County Board will not commit the money they promised in the three-way agreement to fund the interchange. Promises mean nothing, the Board has to vote to send the money.
City of Oconomowoc also likely to balk at putting up any more money in this stinko project. DOT will happily allow the minor partners take the heat for killing this boondoggle.
The Mall developers will say that the failure to get the interchange is the reason they cannot get IKEA and Lord & Taylor to locate in the middle of cornfields.
Finger-pointing all around. And the whole project--especially the Hospital and the future big-buck phases of the tract mansion development will likely fail as well. Only the lawyers and other scavengers will see SIZZLE.

Everybody else gets FIZZLE.