Monday, January 19, 2009

Canadians Eyeing Wisconsin Communities Eyeing Great Lakes Water

Another news story reports that Canadians are nervous about the consequences of the Great Lakes Compact - - usually touted as a water preservation agreement, but feared in some Canadian circles as a American plan to further tap into the shared water resources.

The story notes that New Berlin and Waukesha, WI are already seeking or signalling their intent to obtain diversions of Lake Michigan water.


Melissa Scanlan said...

Wind power should be supported and expanded, but we should remember that when it is done in an area that is held by the state in trust for all people (e.g., Lake Michigan), there needs to be special attention paid to protecting the public interest and perhaps creating an revenue stream that would go back to the trustees (all the residents of Wisconsin).

James Rowen said...

to Melissa Scanlan:

Thank you for the comment and the perspective. You are 100% correct.