Saturday, January 10, 2009

Scott Walker And The Coming Flip-Flop

Predictable turnaround coming on stimulus aid.

And I say "coming flip-flop" because in classic Walker style, he is now saying he might be open to some aid, so he's still wiggling to have it all ways.

Proving he stands for nothing.

I suspect this editorial and a storm of political and bloggers' uproar has gotten Walker's attention.

And I further expect this 'for-it-quickly-after-I-was-foolishly-against-it' cave-in becomes part of Gov. Jim Doyle's campaign against Walker, should Walker blunder into another run for Governor.

Or it'll all be moot if the GOP finds a more credible candidate, which, given Walker's erratic approach to the stimulus and the county's dreadful finances, shouldn't be too tough.

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J. M. Lee said...

I also commented on Walker missing to speak for Milwaukee in the federal stimulus package:

I have been reading your blog for awhile and enjoy reading your commentary. I recently started a blog about Milwaukee issues as well. Maybe you'll like it:

I'm new to this whole thing, but it's quite fun. Thanks!