Saturday, January 24, 2009

Norquist To Obama: Repairs, More Transit, Fewer Highways

Former Milwaukee Mayor John Norquist, now the President and CEO at the Chicago-based Congress for the New Urbanism, argues convincingly that Pres. Barack Obama should commit stimulus funding to transit and infrastructure repairs, and away from more highway expansion.


MichaelJ said...

Yea because we all know that Milwaukees streets are so well built and taken care of they won't need to be repaired for what 286 years?

James Rowen said...

Milwaukee does a good job of repairing its infrastructure, given the resources it has, and the limitations on revenues proscribed by state statute.

So you would have the city forego the opportunity to make more repairs faster by eschewing stimulus funding, a la Scott Walker?

What sense would that make?

colt said...

On not be snacky for a sec. How much money does the rest of the State need to pay for Milwaukee?
How much of the income of those still living in Milwaukee (as they look to move out) will the City take?