Monday, January 26, 2009

Stimulus Spending Sought For Great Lakes; Wisconsin Would Benefit

It's clear that recession-battered Michigan - - and recession may be too tame a description for that hard hit auto industry state - - is hoping for a major infusion of federal funding for Great Lakes restoration.

Michigan is nearly completely in the Great Lakes basin, and its economy and culture are more deeply intertwined with the region's watershed than any other state.

So it makes sense both economically and environmentally that Michigan would be looking to federal funding for Great Lakes restoration - - a program approved earlier but without the requisite dollars.

If not now, when?

Wisconsin would do well to support such an approach, as it borders two of the five Great Lakes and has considerable recreation, commercial and municipal interests that make use of, and need consistent supplies of clean Great Lakes water.

An earlier Michigan media report on the issue is here.

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