Thursday, January 22, 2009

WE Energies Prefers Its Coal Plants After All

About wind power: forget some of it.


Anonymous said...

Jim get the fact before you start to whip up your buddies.

We Energies still has an application for roughly $500 million worth of wind (100MW)( ).

They also have committed to building a 50MW bio fuel powerplant and the states largest solar project. The purely administrative withdrawl was asking permission to spend money for projects that would be constructed after the the ones mentioned above.

Anonymous said...

An error in comment about Glacier Hills Wind Park. It could produce up to 207 MW.

Proposed Glacier Hills Wind Park
The proposed Glacier Hills Wind Park is located in the towns of Randolph and Scott in Columbia County. The wind project is being designed to accommodate up to 90 wind turbines that would generate as much as 207 megawatts (MW) of electricity -- enough capacity to power approximately 45,000 homes. The final size and capacity of the project will depend on permit requirements, the turbine model installed and the configuration of the turbines.

James Rowen said...