Saturday, January 10, 2009

When You Cut Down And Pave Habitat, Animals Don't Leave

Like the deer who eat landscaping and increasingly are involved in highway crashes, coyotes still need a place to live, eh?


Anonymous said...

Almost all attacks have come after people fed the animals, Gehrt and Ryan said. Garbage, bird feeders and even food residue on outdoor barbecue grills can attract coyotes, Ryan warned.

Scientists are still studying the attraction of cities. Gehrt said the canine's territorial nature is the likely cause. Well they need to make a living also,,,hence GRANT money.Kinda like global

Rural landowners can either shoot or trap a coyote, said the DNR's Johnson. But urban dwellers don't have this option because of local restrictions on firearms and trapping, he said.

City officials have not been authorized to trap wild animals for about 10 years and no longer have the staff to do so, said Donald Schaewe Jr., nuisance control chief in the city Department of Neighborhood Services. The DNR won't do it, either, but it can supply property owners with a list of licensed trappers.

Which is it can they trap or not?

Anonymous said...

Just wait until Mr.Wolf expands his territory to your neighborhood and takes your puppies out to lunch.