Saturday, January 24, 2009

GOP Wants Economic Failure

Rush Limbaugh said last week he wants President Barack Obama to fail. I don't think Obama had been in office for 100 hours, yet 100 days, but the GOP's #1 water-carrier needs Obama's failure for political reasons - - regardless of how many people remain unemployed in the George Bush recession.

Said Limbaugh: "I hope he fails," and bragged he's the only one brave enough to speak those words.

You can read it here, paragraph three.

Which brings us to the Wisconsin Republican Party's opposition to state job-creating initiatives.

This is the Limbaugh approach with a Badger twist, and it will further deepen the economic damage in Wisconsin it it prevails.


Publius said...

So sayeth the liberal...

Wasn't it the beloved Krugman that spent the last eight years proclaiming the pending recession?

I'm sure he was just doing that out of altruism.

Let me play the role of Krugman moving forward...

"This type of economic policy won't work. People will continue to lose jobs and regardless of recovery, there will be another recession."

See how that works? He's nothing more than an economic astrologist...

Conservatives and some Republicans should rightly want Obama's plans to fail - it's called principles. His failure is our vindication - because at the end of the day, we've seen proposals like these ultimately handicap the economy and markets.

If he wants to move to a heavy command economy, then he should just say so instead of tinkering around the edges and misalligning the markets so they can't correct themselves efficiently.

krshorewood said...

You see there is at least one big difference. Krugman is an economist who knows what he is talking about. He KNEW conservative policies were going to fail based on careful analysis.

Limbaugh, is a partisan blowhard ideologue. He WANTS Obama to fail to uphold his ego and his fantasy philosophy, which it seems you as well follow. He bases what he barks on the radio on what he pulls out of his ass.

BTW way, when have these policies ever hampered the economy. They instead have saved the ass of capitalism.

James Rowen said...

I was always taught that FDR saved American capitalism/ Now the Right says he hurt it. When will they ever be satisfied?