Friday, January 9, 2009

Common Ground With Mark Belling

He's teeing off Thursday afternoon on the floundering upscale mall plan at Pabst Farms.

Common Ground with this blog.

Not to mention the ACLU of Wisconsin that has filed a formal complaint over the project's proposed I-94 interchange.

Belling is calling the continuing promised mall "a giant con" and saying also that "the interchange needs to be stopped.

The state, county, city of Oconomowoc and SEWRPC have all been pushing that $25 million interchange to the mall - - what I call the Interchange to Nowhere.

Why keep one con - - Belling correctly points out that the Pabst Farms TIF also includes $24 million in taxpayer subsidy - - going with another?

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sanford said...

The ACLU and Mark Belling agree on something? Hell has frozen over.